Mount Slewing at Same time when roof opens

I suddenly am facing an issue I have never had where my roll off roof opens and the mount starts slewing at the same time. I have never had this issue before. I need some help to trouble shoot this. The equipment profile setting for the roll off roof is for the roof to open first before slewing but this is hot happening.

Please help.

I have a ROR and use it with a mount that has to be parked first before closing. It has been working for several years like that and with a lot of SGP version.

Have you accidentally changed the slave settings? The other thing you can try to fault-find is to look at the log files carefully and see if the roof confirms it has opened fully before the mount moves. You will need the log files from SGP and the Dome ASCOM driver, if you have it.

Thank you very much. It is working now. I am not sure why it behaved like that before.

Many thanks

With all the horrid weather recently, check your sensors are working?

All good now. It is working now. Thank you.