Moving to new OS (Windows 11)


I have a few questions.

  1. I need to move SGP to a new OS on the same computer. However, I need to format the SSD. Will SGP register this as a new computer? If so, how do I unlink the SGP account and install it on my new computer?

  2. How can I copy all profiles and settings to the new installation?

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If you look into your account here, under manage licenses, it will show you the computers that are activated. You can deactivate the old computer then copy your activation code into the new install on your computer.

There is a folder on the computer you can copy to USB drive. After the install, you copy it back to the proper location of the new install.

Off the top of my head, I don’t remember the exact folder.
Search the forums for transfer profiles to new computer.

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This help resource is about how to share profiles with us for troubleshooting, but it can be repurposed to, instead, of sharing them with us, just “reverse” the process on the new machine.

In terms of licensing, you can deactivate directly from the Help menu or you can login to the website to do so.