Multi Camera? Ever?

This is a subject/request that has been going on for at least 6 years now (based on my first post on the subject, there may be older ones) and to date nothing has happened in terms of implementing coordinated multi camera support.

For those that are not up on this topic, I know that you can run multi camera instances, but these instances are not coordinated (such as dithering) so that is far less than optimal.

Those of us that want/need this have been very patient, for the most part, but it has been a long time with seemingly nothing happening.

At this point it is starting to affect my hobby since it affects planning for a new remote system that is ongoing.

So a simple question: How likely is this to appear in the next 6 months?


Totally agree… I have a dual (two scopes) rig and having dual camera capabilities with coordinated exposures and dithering will be extremely useful and time saving. Hopefully we will hear something back from MSS this time.

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it’s actually easy
only the camera with the longer single exposure time can dither, this sequence would only have to pause until the second camera has finished exposing and for dithering, pause the second sequence and start again after dithering.
you just have to program it
as it is also nailed to PHD although eg. would it be quite easy to persuade a Mgen to cooperate?