Multi-line select

Would it be possible to select multiple lines when viewing the “Image History” dialog ? This way we could mark multiple images as bad on one go.


Am I the only one suffering with this ?
If so… how are you guys culling your images ?

I mark clearly bad frames on the fly if I’m looking what SGP is doing at the time. Otherwise I go through the frames in PixInsight, either using Blink or SubframeSelector. I don’t remember if I’ve ever used the Image History dialog for anything.

I understand the pre-processing process of culling.

But I prefer do cull after-capture. Imagine a multi-day target exposure where you want to have 200 subs of good quality to work with, you may take 300 subs along the capture days and cull the bottom 100, if you use the history to do this it means that each bad frame will impact -1 frames on the sequence so you don’t have to setup a 300 subs sequence.

Yeah they may be many ways to archive the same goal, but if SGP has the dialog and the command to do it… it’s just a question of allowing multi-line select and the power of the feature is exponentially increased, right now to delete one sub it’s like three clicks and one dialog box, doing this for 100 subs is a PITA.

@Jared would you care to weight in ?