Multi-Monitor UI Docking Issue

Hello, I am currently in the trial period for SGP Pro and have encountered a frustrating UI Issue when trying to dock modules onto the sides of the screen/workspace.

I am using version on a Windows 10 Desktop. I am guessing that the issue has to do with having 3 monitors and using an extended desktop. The primary desktop is the center monitor and the desktop is extended onto two flanking monitors. Additionally, the center and left monitors are duplicated via windows onto 2 more displays at a second workstation in the dome.

When I started figuring out how to use the software, I noticed I couldn’t dock modules on the left or right sides of SGP’s window. I could only stack modules while floating or already docked. I made the mistake of resetting module layout and now I can’t get any module to dock, I can only stack them on each other while floating.

When SGP is maximized on the center monitor, when I drag a module, the left and right arrow icons described in the help file and other forum posts show up on the bottom of the left monitor and lower right of the center monitor. Dropping the module on them does nothing except plop the module in that location, regardless of what screen its on.

If SGP is in a non-maximized window and I try to dock modules, the arrows show up at a distance from each other proportional to the size of the window and in different places depending on the window’s location on the desktop. No matter their location, I can’t get them to dock.

Is there a solution to this that is compatible with multi-monitor setups? Thanks.

Not for the issue you describe (I’m not sure what it is really). We use and develop SGPro on multi-monitor environments and do not see this behavior.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

The monitors have different resolutions, could that be a factor?


If I move SGP in windowed mode to the right side of the center monitor, I can dock to the left side (but not the right). The arrow still appears in weird locations, but If I ignore the arrow and hover at just the right spot on the SGP window it works. (Though it acts like the necessary spot is a pixel wide, very picky and has to be approached carefully and not overshot)

That gave me the idea to put SGP on the right non-cloned monitor and docking works properly when maximized there. I’m happy to experiment a bit and report back if you want to give me some things to try if you are interested in diagnosing the issue. Perhaps its a cloning or resolution issue? (The right monitor is a modern 4k while the left is an old 1680x1050, Middle is 2560x1440)

I’m a little confused about the setup you have. You refer to a cloned (mirrored?) monitor, but it seems like you are actually extending the desktop onto each of the three monitors maybe? What do you mean by “non cloned”?

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We had a run of cloudy skies so the only evenings I was here, I was drowning in students and visitors.

A screenshot may explain this more clearly:


Monitor 2 is the primary desktop, which is duplicated via windows display manager onto Monitor 3.
Monitor 4 is an extended desktop, which is duplicated onto monitor 5
Monitor 1 is also an extended desktop, but is our photo-editing monitor so it isn’t cloned onto an equivalent monitor in the dome.

Does that help?

The solution seemed to be moving SGP’s window onto monitor 1. Then all the docking worked correctly.

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I’m checking in to see if you’re still having this monitor issue? If so, please “uncheck” this thread as solved.

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