Multicamera Support

Have you thinked about add the support for multicamera? A lot of people put a dslr over the telescope to have a wide field of view of where they are taking photos. It would be awesome if I can use my ccd and my dslr on the same programm and have a dithering sync. Other programm have this feature so I think it’s possibile to implement.

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Matteo Collina

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Many of us have asked for this, but multi-camera users are still a relatively small proportion of total users so it hasn’t been a high priority, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be implemented one day.

In the meantime, I find that if I use a small dither with the CCD on my main scope, I don’t see it in my piggy-backed DSLR because of the difference in image scale, particularly if you are using the DSLR data for lower resolution color only.

Yes, there have been a couple of threads about this. There has been a suggestion that this be done as a feature to the main program or as a paid add-on. I would be fine with either but an add-on (paid or not) makes more sense to me. I have three scopes on one mount and two cameras plus optionally a DSLR on the third scope so I would love to see this and would have no problem paying extra.

Of course, I am sure nothing will happen until 2.4 has been rendered stable as the SGP guys have their plates full right now.

Still hoping for this feature


Hoping for this too.

Great idea.

HI chaps
Just noticed this post as I have just posted a similar one. I assume from the replies that SGP does not allow multi ccd`s at the moment, not even perhaps running more than one instant of SGP?.

Hoping for this as well.


Just FYI, If the request you are responding to is already in a “versioned category” (for example, this one is in SGPro->2.5 Features), there is no need to continue voting. It has been accepted and you can expect to see it in that version.

That said, we certainly appreciate the participation.