Multiple Canon Cameras not supported

This is specifically a problem related to running multiple cameras at the same time. I am posting it now, prior to multiple camera support appearing in 2.5, because I have run into it already. I have been running 3 cameras (on three different) scopes on the same mount for almost a year. Quite successfully, I might add. I do this by running 3 separate copies of SGP. The primary copy controls the mount and the autoguider, and importantly, does not dither. The other 2 copies connect to their respective cameras/scopes and just take images all night long, regardless of what the mount is doing under control of the primary copy of SGP. This has worked fine while I was using my SBIG-8300M on the primary, a Canon 6D on the second, and a Nikon D600 on the third.
I recently purchased a second Canon 6D (wonderful camera) to replace the Nikon D600. Both 6D’s have been modded for full spectrum support and run in cooling boxes I have made that cool to 46 F below ambient.
Problem: SGP will not work with either Canon if both are powered on. Canon’s control software program works with 2 connected just fine. When you select a camera, it lists 2 6D’s and you select the one you want to connect to. One issue I see with Canon’s handling of this is that both copies have exactly the same name in the list. No way to tell which one you are connecting to. I would hope that some mechanism, such as a serial #, could be displayed in the selection list to make this unambiguous.
Hopefully as a first cut SGP could allow both 6D’s to be powered on and let me select one of them in each copy of SGP.

Moving to feature requests.

This should be workable. But don’t want to commit to anything without some investigation.