Multiple copies of PHD2


Sequence Generator Pro does not consistently use the selected port when attaching to PHD2.

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Scenario: Running two independent copies of PHD2, configured using the -i option in PHD2. SGP configuration is set up with a specific port # (4400, 4401 for instance #2).

  • When refreshing the configurations, sometimes SGP seems to ignore the port and returns the list from the alternate PHD2.
  • It is possible for it to connect to the other (default) PHD2 instance if the #2 is not running. “Unsticking” this may require re-starting PHD2.

In order to make things work consistently, I usually will start the SGP for PHD2 #2 (4401), start PHD2 #2, refresh the list, make the connection, then open the SGP for PHD2 #1 and repeat.

It seems as though regardless of the port definition, if there is a PHD2 on port 4400, it tries to use that regardless of what the configuration says.

OS: Windows 11
Ver: Latest as of 10/25/23

Yikes, clearly this is not something we considered in the initial implementation. Thanks for the report.

I’ve run into this same issue and wondering if this is on the horizon to address.

OS: Windows
Ver: Latest as of 3/16/24

I looked into this and it seems it was corrected some time back. I tested that I was able to connect to and start a sequence with a profile from PHD2 instance 2 on 4401 (-i2). What problem, specifically, are you seeing?

The first thing I’m seeing is that I have 2 PHD2 Equipment profiles, ASI174 and ASI120 and 2 SGP Equipment profiles. SGP Profile 1 is setup to open PHD2 with ASI174 and SGP profile 2 is setup to open ASI120. I can bring up SGP #1 and it opens PHD2 with ASI174 just fine. Closing SGP#1 and bringing up SGP#2 it opens PHD2 with ASI174 even though I have ASI120 in the Equipment file.
I can open either PHD2 profile in PHD2 and connect the camera and mount but when connecting through SGP, PHD2 always opens with ASI174.

Second- I see in SGP where to designate the port to 4401 and have it set to that value but unable to find where to set the value in PHD2.

Last- Where within SGP that the (-i2) needs to be input for PHD2 instance 2?

Additional Info:

In Equipment Profile Manager when I open SGP with SGP#1.sgf under AutoGuide>Settings both of my PHD2 profiles are selectable in PHD2 Equipment Profile. Shut down SGP#1 then bring up SGP with SGP#2.sgf no PHD2 Equipment Profiles are available.

This is not currently an SGPro setting, but it can be. For now, you’ll just be required to open your own PHD2 instance with the -i2 flag.

You are saying that SGPro can see the profiles from the instance on 4401, but cannot connect to them when using an SGPro profile that specifies it should? I assume this whole time you are actively running 2 instances of PHD2 so that both 4400 and 4401 are monitored?

If I recall correctly, I think each instance of PHD2 has its own set of profiles so I don’t think you should ever see both at the same time. If the SGPro profile is directed to 4400, you should see only the ASI174 profile and should not even see that ASI120 profile at all (and, of course, vice-e-versa for the profile that points to 4401)

The step I was missing was to open PHD2 -i2 before starting the second SGP.
Thanks, Ron

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