Multiple copies of PHD2


Sequence Generator Pro does not consistently use the selected port when attaching to PHD2.

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Useful Info

Scenario: Running two independent copies of PHD2, configured using the -i option in PHD2. SGP configuration is set up with a specific port # (4400, 4401 for instance #2).

  • When refreshing the configurations, sometimes SGP seems to ignore the port and returns the list from the alternate PHD2.
  • It is possible for it to connect to the other (default) PHD2 instance if the #2 is not running. “Unsticking” this may require re-starting PHD2.

In order to make things work consistently, I usually will start the SGP for PHD2 #2 (4401), start PHD2 #2, refresh the list, make the connection, then open the SGP for PHD2 #1 and repeat.

It seems as though regardless of the port definition, if there is a PHD2 on port 4400, it tries to use that regardless of what the configuration says.

OS: Windows 11
Ver: Latest as of 10/25/23

Yikes, clearly this is not something we considered in the initial implementation. Thanks for the report.