Multiple targets and start/end times

After a 2 year or so hiatus and moving on to the latest SGP version, I’m trying to re-learn some of the complexities of multiple targets in a sequence. Specifically, what I want to do is start one target, and then when a second target rises to a suitable altitude, have the sequence stop the initial target and move to the second target. I thought I remembered that it was simply a matter of going into the planning tools for the second target and selecting the appropriate start/end times while leaving the end time for the first target unchecked. My foggy memory was that the sequence would switch to the second target at the start time for that target, but that didn’t work. I suspect that I need to put an end time in the first target that is before the start time for the second one. Is that correct?


@spokeshave, that’s correct. There isn’t any way for the second target to “override” when the first target is scheduled to end (from running out of images to take or hitting the end time/latitude).