Multiple targets in a sequence - only one output directory

For the first time I wanted to try multiple targets in one night in a sequence. I could not set a unique output image directory for each target. No matter which target I chose, when I changed its directory, the other target directory changed too.
Is that supposed to happen? - if not, I think it is a feature request then.

I’m using Beta (3) but I don’t know if that is relevant.

I’m not really sure what you mean here by “changing a target’s directory” since targets do not have directories, but you can categorize different images from different targets into their own directories by using "/%tn/"in the naming pattern:

Thanks Ken, to clarify - I have a sequencer window with two targets, Target Set 1 and Target Set 2. The sequencer dialog has a region labeled ‘Target Data’ in which displays the target name that has been selected in the Target List and allows the directory and filename to be specified. SGP saves files into that directory.

My logic assumed that I could select a directory for the target set in that box. It would not occur to me to use the file naming conventions when I already have a directory selection dialog box which appears to be specific to the target. Do you see my point?

So what you are saying is that a sequence has a directory, not a target and I would have to override the directory by using the naming pattern?

Right. Sequences have naming patterns, not targets. That said there is very little, in terms of organization, you can’t accomplish with this method.

Thanks Ken, got it - I can change the sub directory under the sequence directory using %tn\