Native driver for ASI camera

I use a ZWO ASI6200MC-Pro in SGPro with the ASCOM driver. This driver is very slow. Download of an image is about 4 seconds. If I use the native drive in another software like SharpCap the download is very fast, about 0.8 seconds per image. How can I use this native driver from ZWO in SGPro?

I do not think you can. At one time SGP had a native driver when the ZWO driver was unreliable. It is now out of date and I do not think it is being updated.

The ASCOM drivers for many cameras are quite slow. There were some changes in recent ASCOM platform updates that allegedly improved things but with my 24mp QHY camera, I still have to wait some while for a download.

I honestly have never paid attention as to whether my camera driver was allowing me to download my image at 0.8 seconds vs 4 seconds. I could understand if I was using my 6200 for planetary captures, however for DSO does the extra 3.2 seconds you get in sharpcap make that much of a difference? Honest question! I just know that with the ascom camera 1 driver I have never had a failure in downloading my images like I did with the 1600mm

The speed is not related to the driver. Sharpcap uses a different download mode in the camera. It is essentially a video streaming mode that allows faster downloads, but at the expense of noise. SGP uses the cleaner single image download mode, which takes more time. For deep sky imaging, that’s what you want.

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Thanks for your help. So I will stay at the ASCOM Driver and accept. the speed.