Native driver vs ASCOM (ASI1600)

Is there any benefit to using the ASCOM driver over native driver for the camera?
When I very first started using SGP, all the YouTube videos showed selecting the ASCOM driver for the ASI1600 (my camera), so this is what I’ve always done. But what is the benefit of doing this when SGP can utilize the ZWO native drivers? Yesterday I learned that using the native drivers I can setup profiles with different gains, whereas I cannot with the ASCOM driver. I actually have two ZWO cameras, the 1600 for imaging, and the 120 for guiding. Until now I have used the ASCOM driver in SGP for the 1600, and the ZWO driver in PHD2. So what do I gain/lose with switching to native for the 1600?

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You will be able to set Gain and Offset per event and it will be recorded in the FITS header.