Native Support for QHY cameras

It would great to have QHY camera support on par with the ZWO ASI cameras with per-event gain and offset being particularly important.


I second the recommendation. Is the addition of including the qhyccd.dll on the roadmap?

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Same request here. It’s one of the reasons I’m considering switching to a different platform instead of SGP.

Newer ZWO camera native drivers are not supported either. I agree with the request as a subscribing member.

Mark W

And I’ll pile on with my agreement as well! I have also been considering switching to new acquisition software that utilizes native QHY drivers. It sounds to me like SGP has a sizeable QHY user base to justify this. Thank you!


The latest QHY ASCOM drivers support setting both gain and offset – provided you are also using ASCOM 6.5 SP1.


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My interest in this support goes beyond just gain and offset. There is evidence from other acquisition software that downloads are notably faster with the QHY native drivers vs. the ASCOM drivers.

I agree with you. There’s more than just gain/offset settings in native driver. Better temperature control, possibly quicker downloads etc. I mean it is not make or brake but certainly a very much desirable if we could use native driver for QHY cameras.

It is a two-edged sword. QHY are continually changing their SDK and if you look at some of the other forums, there are plenty who get the driver and the SDK out of sync and if just falls over. When it works it is faster but I will take reliability over speed any day. It is not reasonable to expect a developer to continually update their SDKs for QHY, ZWO, Altair, Moravian etc. It even catches out those apps that have frequent nightly updates.

I think the answer is for ASCOM to recognize the challenges from these high MP cameras, it really needs to find a way to speed downloads.

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