Native ZWO drivers

SGP (beta)
Latest ZWO drivers
Minix Fanless computer with 8G ram
ZWO ASI 2600MC-Pro
Meade LX600 12"

I am happy to announce that with the .1076 (beta) and the latest ZWO drivers my BIN 1x1 download times went from about 20 seconds per sub to about 9 seconds, and BIN 2x2 times went from 15 seconds to about 3 seconds. A more powerful computer may see faster times, but for my little MINIX this is a big improvement!

I also tested the new Ultra Precision setting for the focuser…works very well, and now the focus steps align perfectly with the parabola. Before, some steps might have been slightly inside or outside the parabola. With 2438mm focal length @ F/8 I’m sure the focus routine was picking up things other than stars and trying to use them in the focus routine. I didn’t notice any real additional time for the new focus routine…if there was, it may have only been a second or two.
BTW…had a laugh with the focus popups!!!


Hi John,

My parabola points are erratic. Any tips for getting a better fit? I am at 2032mm @ F8.


PS…The Ultra Precision setting is a ZWO setting, not SGP feature, right?