Need a good tool to scroll thru subs

I have been using SGP for a month now and I find it works very well.
One feature that is cruelly missing is the ability to navigate quickly thru the subs in an imaging session.
It is impossible to jump from a sub that was just taken to a sub taken at the beginning of the night.
That is useful to do when you are not quite sure if the seeing has degraded overtime.
BackyardEOS and APT have such a sub- navigation tool.

Thank you

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I’d certainly be interested in this as well. If anyone has suggestions for such a function even outside SGP (ie. 3rd party FIT file viewer) - I’d be interested to learn.

Fitswork comes the closest for me but is lacking. One particular feature would be ability to zoom in on an area of a sub, and then flick through other subs but maintain same zoom/pan (BYEOS does this and it is very useful).


Good suggestions for version 3.0. I would like this as well.

Have you noticed the grading tool and the simple cursors on the top of the page, that load the images in?

Could be wrong but I think there is a setting to open all new images of a sequence in a new tab. Here is where it talks about it.

Hopefully what you’re looking for.


Apologies but the link provided earlier seems to not have copied correctly. Here is the right link (hopefuly)… View Options

I may not be understanding the question correctly, but if i do, I have noticed that you can right click on the arrows that you would normally use to scroll through the images and a listing of all images will drop down allowing you to click on any of the earlier images to open. Thumbnails would be nice, but at least you can click on random images from the session.

@buzz @MarkStringfield thanks for the input. Good points.

I had noticed the scrolling to previous subs before, using arrows. However did not realize that it would retain zoom/pan (perhaps this a relatively new thing?).

One question … is there a way to load images after-the-fact? ie. if have to restart SGP, can it be pointed at a directory to scroll through images?


Haven’t tried pointing at a directory but you can select all the images from an image directory and drag the images to the SGPro image window.

Also, once you have you images loaded, double clicking an image tab will pop that image out into its own window, useful for visually comparing images.

Hope that helps.

Same is true if you say double click a point in the history tab, say one that looks dodgy. It loads up and you can check it out. I much prefer to use numbers than eyeball consecutive images.

Thanks again for the great tips.

I wonder if there is a way to open or drag/drop images so they load up in one tab instead of multiple tabs (that way, if I want to zoom/pan, it will be retained when switching from one image to the next).


I’m very interested in this topic as well.

My goto image viewer is the free Faststone which is amazing, unfortunately it doesn’t support Fits. The viewer allows you to scroll through a folder of images, view side by side , push or scroll to zoom and has basic editing functions such as stretch / curve.

I use the SGP image grader but I really want to be able to examine images and zoom in to be able to drop anything that’s not up to scratch.

I’ve not found a way of easily doing this for fits images, having to load each image individually is a pain, if SGP could do it that would be very helpful, if not I have requested the feature with Faststone so perhaps if others also asked we might get fits included.

PixInsight has a wonderful process called Blink (located under “All Processes”) which does exactly what you want. loads all requested images at once, the list lets you go to any one of them, your zoomed view stays set, and it is instantaneously fast once the images are all loaded. It, however, won’t keep loading images as they are created in real time.

Thanks for the heads up, I don’t have PI unfortunately and its too expensive to buy for the feature.