Need help Setting up G11G Mount

I just purchased a new Losmandy G11g mount to replace my NEQ 6 and was wondering if anybody had any advice on the best way to get this thing up and running in sgpro? It’s a big change for me and I am not sure if there are any hidden secrets beyond what I was used to with the NEQ6. I pretty much had SGPRO down to a science with the old mount but seem to be on the front end of the learning curve again with this new mount.

I did get sgp to connect to the mount and I can slew it around with the controls in the control panel, but when I tell it to slew to a prior target I shot when using the NEQ6 and plate solve, it just sits there.

Just wondering if anybody had any words of wisdom to shorten the curve.


Hi h2opolo

I´m in your same problem. Have you get any information about G11´s settings? My G11-Gemini1 can connect to SGP and perform slews, but I´ve no idea about the correct parameters to combine with plate solve, meridian flip or focus. Please, help.

Nothing really changed for SGP and the plate solving. The only real change I had to make was to go into my equipment profile manager and select Gemini for my mount. I also tossed out the ST4 Cable since we don’t need EQMOD any more. Works like a champ.

If you want to call me send me a private message either here or on my website and I’ll be glad to share all that I have learned since making the switch.

Good luck and keep in touch