Need timeout superpervision of task like downloading frame

I like SGp pro, but … I really need somme features and/or corrections

  • 1 - Please develop a supervision of some task to prevent any lost of coonexion with USB equipment.
    Example : I have sometimes deconnexion af my USB 3.0 ZWO camera, and SGP stay waiting with the “dowloading” indicator forever … till I wake up and see it !!!

The same problem occurs with the focus routine , there is no timeout , and it stays sometimes forever locked and no error goes to GNS Good night Sleep. So there is no way to be alerted.

-2- Another point : when you open SGP , it loads a new sequence (which is annoying , why do’nt you launch the last sequence ?), if you connect to you camera , and launch the cooler, the problem occurs when you open your last sequence , it stops the cooling , and you loose a few colling seconds , and the temperature goes up. Very , very annoying . SO please please please , decouple the cooler and the sequence !

-3- Flat Calibartion wizard : when you launch it , it asks if you want to keep the cooler ON or OFF , if you choose , to keep the cooler ON , it wrongly put it off … very annoying

-4- I guide with a OAG, so during a focus routine, the star is moving a lot. I tried to put the guiding in pause , but many times, the guiding star is lost. And the sequence is aborting . Why don’t you ask the giuding software to choose a new guiding star ?

Clear Skies to you guys , and keep improving SGPro