Need to upgrade windows Pro or Home?

Not being a windows guy but I need to upgrade from Windows 8 to 10. My question is which one, Pro or Home. I basically need to run my astro computer. Thanks

The only thing “Pro” might give you that “Home” wont is built in Remote Desktop functionality. Imo, there are better remote desktop apps out there anyhow so if, it’ll save you a little money, Home is typically just fine.

I use Windows 7 Home - much more reliable than 8, runs SGpro 3.2.something, Atik 414EX, Lodestar X2, focusser (home brew VB.Net), EFW2 filter wheel, iEQ45 Pro mount, PHD2, The Sky 6 all simultaneously, never complains. Unless you have something else which REALLY needs Windows 10… Processor is E5700, ie not overpowered!

Just as a note, SGPro no longer supports Windows 7. It may remain compatible with Windows 7 for some time, but we no longer consider it when making decisions. In other words, we will likely make some decision in the not too distant future that Windows 7 simply cannot support and SGPro will no longer run.

Versions of SGPro less than 4 should always remain compatible with Windows 7.

Thanks for that – it clears up one of my worries! Hopefully, as long as I don’t share this information with Windows 7, it won’t know and will just keep on working! Having said that, the dragging of events would be really useful!