New Equipment profile

I have an equipment profile and now have added another mount. Is there a way to copy the info of the existing profile so I only have to change the telescope tab and not have to redo all the camera/filter/focuser/platesolving tabs also?
I want to be able to keep the original mount profile also.

Thanks Rick

Yes. In the equipment profile manager just choose your existing profile.
Then write a new name and push save. You will now have 2 identical
profiles with different names. Just change the info in one and save again.

Hi Rick

In the Profile Manager select the profile you want to copy from. Then go to the entry field labeled: “Select or name a profile” and change the name to the new profile. Then hit Save. This creates a copy of the original under the new name. Edit at will and save again.

I have to admit, it is unusual.

Kind regards,

Thanks. That helps a lot :slight_smile: