New Feature Announcement for SGPro 4.2 (Patent pending tech)

Hi folks,

We have been working hard on a lot of things these days, but, one of them in particular stands out. We have spent a great deal of time perfecting a way to derive the ambient temperature based on the “cricket chirp rate”. It’s true, in most areas of the world, you can determine the temperature by listening to crickets. The faster they chirp, the higher the temperature. You can then feed this temperature into any part of SGPro… use it for FITS headers, focus triggers etc. It can be used just like a temperature reading from any other source. We do all this with your computer’s built in microphone (or an external one if your machine doesn’t have one built in). Noisy dog? Cars? Live near an airport? None of this is a problem… we have spent months perfecting noise isolation patterns for crickets so you can be rest assured that this temperature is accurate.

Finally, we realize that SGPro users live all over the world. To include as many folks as possible, we have provided the capability to select one of 3 different kinds of crickets. You may need to do a little research to find out which kind you have. Here is a preview:



Gee, and you just happened to let us kow about this on April 1st ; hmmmm…



What about a premium version averaging many crickets - from different species?

Even better, we haven’t announced this yet, but we will be introducing crowdsourcing the temperature where users in the approximate same geo-location can all contribute to your temperature reading… like the Waze of cricket temperatures.

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Can’t wait to download 4.2!
I already have a feature request for 4.2. beta 1: Think about a world wide unique new standard for temperature readings: 1° cricket
No more confusion about Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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There are no crickets in the UK. Maybe teeth chattering?

So it is true that “bugs” are really just features in software! Great thanks for sharing!