New feature request


Not sure this is the right place to post this idea/request.
Nothing urgent, but it would be nice to add, in the planning tool, the presence (and influence) of the moon, so that I can better decide when start/stop the sequence :slight_smile:



There actually is! I found this quite by accident.

When you set up a sequence, go to the target you are setting ( in the “target list”). Click on the “gear” and the “Target Settings” window will pop up. When you enter a Start or End time in the “Time Constraints” menu a check mark( no issues) or an “!”(error/warning) mark will appear in a dark circle to the right of the “Time constraints” heading.

By clicking on this circle a nifty graph showing helpful info about your night’s sequence is shown. Moonrise and set is listed as well as errors and warnings.

Hope this is useful.

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