New machine - trial expired

I didn’t expect that! Just got a new, better specified machine and have been installing my astro software on it. After installing ASCOM I then did SGP but to my astonishment it claims my trial period is finished and the software will only run in its limited form. FWIW I have registered previously on the (old) main laptop but don’t have my login recorded. I had expected the trial period to run while I located the details and confirmed the equipment connection was OK.

Some advice would be useful (as well as some comments about the long-standing camera cooler switch-off problem).

Lawrence Harris

You can request an extension from the help menu. Occasionally we get false positives on machines that have already had a trial.


Sorry Jared - you have missed the point here! I am a fully paid up user!


You can login on the main website to access your license info.

There it will show you the machine names it is linked to. You can remove old machines from the list to free up your free (3) registrations.

If you rename your PC you may need to do this as well.

Thanks - that seems to be OK :slight_smile:

The error message was ‘error’ …