New Sequence Templating Feature Released Today

Official help file to come soon, but I suspect there will be some alterations as we tune it over the next couple weeks. This is a much better environment for us to arrive at the final documentation that will go into the help docs.

What is It?

It’s nothing huge and a good deal of you already do this, just without any official support. This feature allows you to save a SGPro Sequence as a “Sequence Template”. This template looks exactly like a Sequence File except that it ends with the extension sgt and, when you open it (using the normal open sequence) an attempt to “save” later will behave like it was a new sequence and ask about where to save it. In other words, it’s like opening a sequence that you can’t accidentally overwrite. A lot of folks keep normal sgf sequences around as templates, but make late-night mistakes and accidentally write over them with some unintentional changes.

You can, of course, update the template itself if desired, but these functions are placed “away” from the normal save functions and are very unlikely to be confused for one another.

Please let us know if, after using it, you feel like it could be improved in some way…

This feature will be present in versions and higher.

This might be interesting. How do you see this though in relation to the Equipment Profile? That is for me the main item with all configuration settings that can be applied to and derived from a Sequence. This works very well when e.g. imaging the same targets from another site with other equipment. Copying events from one target to another within a sequence is also a very useful function already.

Importing targets from one sequence into another unfortunately imports all targets from that sequence rather than allowing one or more selected targets.

I do not yet understand how to make best use of a Sequence Template given the above. It would allow you to avoid making late-night mistakes to the target list or events? The concept of a Template sounds to me as not related to a specific target list. Can you provide an example of a situation where a Sequence Template would be reused? Or is the idea really only to prevent erroneous changes to a Sequence? Then what if the changes are actually wanted and correct? Those would then probably have to be incorporated in the Sequence Template again…

A template is nothing more than a sequence you use as the basis for another sequence. It includes equipment profiles, user profiles, targets and events. It is not a new concept… folks have been using sequences to do this for years. We just made it harder to accidentally save over your “template sequence”