New User question on setup


I just downloaded the trial version for the tool and while I believe I have the setup for the software and drivers ok, I am having trouble doing some imaging. I tried to do the focus and framing wizard which works great but when i ran my sequence it was telling me the Leo Triplet was below the Horizon, the setting for my profile has the Site horizon set to 0, what should that be and how do you calculate that.

Thanks you.

Make sure you’ve created a user profile and have that user profile set for your sequence:

Also double check that the Lat/Lon and Sidereal time are correct on your mount.

You can test these things during the day as well with a target that is visible during the day. You should be able to use Stellarium, or similar, to find a target that is available to you during the day and check the ephemeris data in SGP.


Thanks Jared, ok i think i figured it out, if you hover over the Site Horizon on User Profile it shows a tool tip telling you to determine the view in degrees, i just put 30 on mine.