Newbe problem with ASI 533MC-pro

Using this camera with the ASCOM drivers in SG-Pro All goes well, but i did not get color images. Stacking images in Pixinsight oder APP they are mono. Could not find an button or else to define the bayer pattern. Any help? Hope it will be a simple problem.


Unfortunately, SGP does not record the Bayer pattern in the FITs file, so you have to enter it manually in PixInsight. If you’re using WBPP, go to the “Calibration” tab, and in both the “Lights” and “Flats” section, enable CFA and choose RGGB for the pattern.

Hallo macbates

that was my rookie mistake. It works. Thank you for the very quick help.


gerud - Been there done that last week (also a PI rookie). Upside is now you have a Master dark, bias & flat to work with instead of loading all of the individual frames:/