Newbie! Software Packages Selection Question

Hi Everyone!
New to AP and astronomy. Just started with my wife Olga with our first setup:

Explore Scientific FCD100 102 Apo Carbon Fiber
iOptron iEQ 45 Pro mount /w StarFi
ASI 1600MM Pro (mono) for DSO
ASI290MM (mono) for guiding and planets
Nikon D500 DSLR for “quick” color shots and landscape AP
ZWO 8-hole EFW
1.25" Baader LRGB and Ha, OIII, SII.

we have 3 Goals:

  1. FUN!!!
  2. Imaging DSO and solar system
  3. Automating the work flow as much as possible

I researched the different type of software packages we need and came up with the following list:

  1. Stellarium and/or SkySafari Pro, SGP 3 /w PlateSolve 2, PhD2, PixInsight and Photoshop (for final touch-up)

additionally for “special purpose” or alternatively to some mentioned above:

  1. FireCapture for planets, DeepSkyStacker alternatively for PixInsight?

Any suggestions what tools or packages am I missing?
I would appreciate your help and thoughts!
Thank you!

P.S. We do not mind steep learning curves when it comes to software and other equipment, but rather appreciate a great challenge and the opportunity to move forward in the best way possible.

I started two years ago with SGPro and Pixinsight. With that combination you cannot go wrong and can do a lot of things.

I was kind of hoping for that from the little I understood from my research. Thanks for pointing that out!

I switched a few years ago from the “big, spendy, so-called pro” software packages of ACP, MaxIm, and FocusMax and would never go back to them. SGP does everything I need and more for esthetic imaging and is much cheaper and easier to use.

Pixinsight and Photoshop are the way to go for processing. Except for planetary (I don’t do that) they should be all you ever need.

Great! I think that’s the way then I am taking.