NexStarEquatorial driver ready for beta testing

Hi All,

After spending time here debugging my straight-to-motor ASCOM driver for Celestron mounts, I thought I’d open the invitation here for beta testers. The driver is really designed to work around a plate solving software like SGP (ok, fine, it’s really designed to work with SGP since that’s what I’m using, and who knows if it’ll work with anything else! :grin:) , so those users here are likely to make up a good pool of potential testers and end users for the new driver. Since I don’t really want to carry on multiple threads in multiple locations, and because many questions aren’t likely to relate directly to SGP, I have a main thread over on Cloudy Nights where I’ll be accepting testers and communicating progress. Just thought I’d post here as a heads-up, especially for anyone who was following some of my previous threads during the development process.