NGC 6820 & NGC 6823 from Spain

It has been a while…

Here is a link to NGC 6820, just finished. I have left a hint of green in this (not usual), I think it helps give the image more depth. There is plenty of Ha in this area…but VERY little OIII or SII…quite a job to come up with a colour image.

Link to higher resolution and capture details: NGC 6820 & NGC 6823 - KinchAstro


Really nice shot. Well done. I wrote it down. Gotta have that one.

Nice one Brendan :slight_smile:

@h2opolo & @swag72
Thanks for looking in and leaving comments. I am still not sure which version on the web site I like best…one is immediately more appealing while the other, I think, grows on ‘you’. Glad, at least one of them got some reaction :slight_smile:

I have added 3hours RGB into the image…makes for a better final image:

This in higher resolution at bottom of the web page: NGC 6820 & NGC 6823 - KinchAstro

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