NGC7635 and Neighbourhood SHO palette

This is a total of about 25 hours of 30 minute narrowband subs combined in the SHO palette. It was acquired using an Atik 460exm camera through a Tak 106ED on a 10 Micron GM1000HPS through the excellent Chroma 3nm filters.

Although not evident from the image, this is a bit of a milestone for me because I managed to sleep through most of it thanks to Sequence Generator Pro and GNS ('m using GNS2 Beta by the way). …just brilliant!

The full size image is here - Flickr

Don’t look too closely at the bottom corners - I seem have a little bit of tilt.

Hope you like it!



That is awesome! Excellent colors, excellent framing.

Thanks Ken!

Lovely stuff - I have never heard of Chroma filters. How do they compare with Astrodons? I’m thinking a second camera and the thought of a new set of filters as well makes me hesitate.

Hi Chris

I got mine from Bern at Modern Astronomy. They were slightly cheaper than Astrodons, and although I haven’t done a side by side comparison between them, I think the general consensus is that the Chromas are at least as good as Astrodon. Certainly, I’m delighted with mine (I have 3nm Ha, Sii and Oiii - all optimised for an f3.6 beam - and LRGB. They are an enormous step up from my previous Baaders -no halos, reflections or flare - jusy beautifully pin point stars.

Chroma have quite an impressive website if you’re interested and I’d be happy to share some raw data if that helps.