Night Mode

Is there a chance of adding Night Mode to SGP (like APT)?

Sorry, there is not. We are not fans of app dependent night mode. If the app fails or another takes focus, you will immediately be the least popular person on the field. In addition to that there will always be Windows elements that are difficult to color properly (and will emit non-red light). We prefer acrylic or something that targets the entire OS video display at the driver level. There are apps out there to do this. F.lux being one of them (though its ability to affect your video card’s output is brand dependent).

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I prefer acrylic, too. Targets the whole OS and is in fact OS independent.

Great bug shield, too.


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I have a couple of these:

While certainly more expensive than the link above you can get it in custom cut sizes to fit your laptop. It’s also much clearer than Rubylith. However if you have the means to cut the sheet down cleanly, then it’s likely better to order from the link Mick posted. Also Scope Stuff ships from Cedar Park (a suburb of Austin) so I generally get my orders next day if I order early enough :slight_smile:


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Basically, I have been tesing the Darkroom mode of F.lux…and its great

I thought I’d try F.lux just to see what it can do. What is “Darkroom mode”? I don’t see anything like that in the settings.

If it doesn’t show up, your video card doesn’t support it.

You can also buy this stuff from your local plastic supply place if you
live near a decent sized city. You’ll have to cut it to size, but a
table saw works fine…

Price varies–generally around $5 or $6 per square foot. Years ago, I
bought a 4ft x 4ft piece for less than the cost of a pad of Rubylith.
Over the years, as I upgrade my computer, I just cut a new piece.

You also might get lucky and find a piece in their scrap pile–then it
will about $2/lb.

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