NiiteCrawler Focuser Error


After hours of using NiteCrawler with no problems, SGP stop connnecting giving me this error:
“NiteCrawler Focuser is a relative pposition focuser.
Sequaence Generator currently only supports absolute position focusers”.

OS: <Windows 10>
Ver: < (64)>

I don’t have too much experience with NiteCrawler, but Im almost 100% certain that it is an absolute focuser and is supported. Assuming this statement is true, before connecting to the focuser, open its settings and search for one that changes the mode of the focuser between absolute and relative. I can’t be more specific as we didn’t write the driver for NiteCrawler, but Moonlite may have more details if you need them.

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I’ve had this happen as well. It’s usually after a telescope disconnect from TheSkyX and my MYT it will throw off the nightcrawler connection as well for an unknown reason to me yet. My fix for the few times that it has happened is to save the sequence and restart SGP and connect all equipment again. No need to unplug or power off the nitecrawler.

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Hi I use moonlight nitecrawler with no issues it’s one
Of the best things Iv bought spot on focus everytime