Nikon D810a hangs on download for exposures more than 1m

I was using my D810a and had no trouble taking 30sec exposures, but when I upped the exposure to 1min, SGP would hang on ‘downloading’ then eventually timeout. I checked the camera and ‘PC’ is displayed on the window. I reviewed the logs and it says that it is entering a dangerous loop. The only way to get it working again is to cycle the power on the camera. After that, 0-30sec exposures work, but once I try anything longer than 1min, it hangs. I’ve put the log file in my dropbox. Occurrence is around 3:10-3:25am SGP v2,6,0,25, Windows 10

Not sure if the D810a is the same as my D800E and D5100, both these work like yours upto 30s after that I have to use a Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB connector between the camera and computer to get longer exposures

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Just checked the D810a spec and you have the same 10 pin remote connection as my D800E. So I guess you’re going to need the DSUSB adapter. This allows exposures less than 30s too so you don’t have to keep swaping things around.

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Thanks, I saw something about that searching he forum, but I also thought I read somewhere that the newer nikons did not need this?

I have a D810A as well, been working without any issues … just using the USB3 cable, hooking up to a USB2 hub …
I would try different cables/usb ports or hubs …
Anyway this combo should work …


What versions of sgp are two using? The d810a should only need a usb cable. We did recently update the Nikon libs for the 3.0 Beta.


Can I update my reply from earlier - my 800E DOES work with a single usb 3.0 cable although its not on the list of Nikon cameras that will work with a single usb connection in the SGP Nikon notes
I’m running 2.6.25

I am using v2.6.0.25 with a USB 3.0 cable.