Nikon SDK. I have no idea what I'm doing :)

So when I try to connect my Nikon D300s it crashes SGP 3. I have read that I need microsoft redistributable and I have downloaded them and it still crashes. I do not know where these files should be stored. I also have read that I need SDK files or md3 files and I don’t know how to obtain these or where they should be stored. I tried the nikon application for SDK files but apparently my email address is not acceptable since it’s a free email. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. It may also be worth noting that I am very new to windows and SGP.

Clear skies,


Could be that the camera just isn’t support, i see it’s a very old camera so it’s very likely that it has not even been tested by others in SGP before.

bummer, but not the end of the world. I’ll upgrade to an astro cam soon enough. but do you know if I could still plate solve and sync with a picture uploaded to SGP? The purpose of this would be to align my G11 with a pic from the D300s without it being connected to SGP.

Not without really working around some things. I mean you’d need to take a picture with your camera, convert it into a format that the V2 Camera simulator uses, use that picture in the Camera Simulator to do a plate solve with SGP and then sync the mount.

So, is it possible? Yes.
Is this a viable solution? Almost certainly not.

You may want to look into AstroTortilla. I believe it may have the ability to sync your mount off of a “random” image.


awesome, thank you much Jared, I’ll check that out.

figured I should throw this in here for anyone in the future, but I found this post on cloudy nights and it has solved my problem. It is an ascom driver for various DSLR brands including Nikon. It also seems to work with sharp cap.

I followed the instructions on the github page. For my D300s I chose the Nikon Legacy option for connection method, and then in SGP for camera I choose “ASCOM camera driver for DSLR”.

Bulb mode over USB is not supported on my camera so I haven’t been able to test anything else out, but all I’m really looking to do it capture an image for plate solve and sync. I do not have the G11 yet so I cant fully test this but so far it seems to be a solution. If I remember, I will leave an update and edit the title in a few weeks when my mount arrives.