Nikon support?

Any plans or hope for supporting live view with Nikon cameras? More and more of us are using them…


Live view and JPG preview have always been supported for Nikon cameras.

I just checked and my copy of SGP does not agree. I’m running, and when I mouse over the “live view” checkbox, it clearly says this feature is for Canon cameras. Checking the box does nothing with my Nikon.

Is this a feature you guys included in the 2.4 beta, or am I missing something?


Screen shot for reference:

Ok, we need to change the text for that. It does work for nikons as well. Just check it and click “Start”.

This is not a new feature and it has been available since we started supporting Nikons. We disable checkboxes that are not supported by different hardware. So if a checkbox or features is active then it means your hardware supports it.


Okay, I see how it works now. Thanks! I think what I was missing was the way it captures the images. What it’s doing is something akin to shooting in mirror lock-up, and I had the duration set to 5 secs, which is what I use for target verification - so when I hit start, I didn’t see live view, I just saw normal framing as though I had hit the “take one” button. Setting the exposure time to 0.01 gives me something good enough for target centering, which is what I was after. I’ve been using DigiCamControl to center my scope on alignment stars - being able to do that in SGP will save me a step during setup.

I have changed the tooltips for 2.4 to be less confusing.

All you should need to do is to check the “Live View” box and click “Start” for frame and focus. This should toggle live view. Furthermore the exposure time is discarded when using live view. So even if you had 10 seconds in there you should be seeing a fairly “video like” image on the screen in SGP. You’ll need to have your camera in Manual mode and if you have a lens attached you should set it to manual focus.

I’ve just verified that this is working as expected with my D5100 in 2.3. Here’s a video of how it should be working. If you’re not seeing this behavior please let us know:


So I pulled the camera off of my scope and hooked it up to the stock lens from the kit and it worked just like in your video. Since we’re socked in with clouds again (and it’s 1:40 am) I haven’t been able to attempt this with the scope. But it seems like it works, so I’m happy. Thanks again you guys, I’m more impressed by this software by the day.