Nikon Z6 compatibility

I am considering making a changr from The Sky X pro to SGP and wonder if Nikon Z6 is supported by SGP? Also do you have any problem using ZWO ASI 6200 MM or MC or ZWO ASI 2600 MC?

Yes, the Z6 is compatible with SGP. There are some threads about the ASI6200 but it seems like most issues are mitigated by using a 6’ high quality USB cable.


Thank you Jared for your prompt response. Does the NEF raw files from Nikon Z family camera interpreted or translated to other format using SGP? I am using The Sky X pro in my observatory and for a nomad telescope (Planewave cdk 12.5 sitting on a paramount MX mount with Apogee Aspen CG16M main camera and SBIG STF 8300m autoguider in observatory and my nomad system Takahashi FSQ 106 ED XIII, ioptron IEQ45 with Nikon Z6 main camera and ZWO ASI 290MM mini autoguider). Each time I use the Sky X Pro with the Z6 the image shown in the Fits viewer window is nothing but gibberish. Before purchasing your software I just want to make sure all of the cameras will work with SGP image viewer. I am also considering purchasing either the ZWO ASI6200MM / MC or ZWO ASI2600MC.

Yes, we pull the raw data out of the NEF and can either convert it from NEF to FITs or can leave it as NEF (option is in the Nikon settings).

We have a 45 day trial…just grab that and make sure everything works for you.


Thank you Jared,

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