No AF darks found

Might be user error here. I’m seeing “No AF darks found…” in the log and I’ve got them in a directory like this:

C:\Users\Brian\Pictures\sgpro\QSI_AF_Darks\Master 2x2\

With files like so:

Is the part of the file arbitrary?

Would need to see the log file to be sure why they don’t get picked up.

Sure – attached.

This is a big log file as I’ve had SGPro running for days. One thing that may contribute: prior to running SGPro I reorganized my darks, so I noticed this in the log as well after first startup:

[2/11/2015 8:25:16 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] AF Darks exception: The path is not of a legal form.

Because I’m running a sequence right now I can’t stop/relaunch to test, but in the AF darks folder I did navigate to and select the folder I mentioned above after launching. I also tried just now (not in this log) to rename the folder to not have a space, but saw same message in log.

Thanks Ken! (376.7 KB)

Only the number at the start of the file matters. Yours are not being picked up because you supplied a 10 second dark, but are taking 5 second exposures. We do not auto scale darks.

[2/11/2015 10:48:17 PM] [DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM: AF Exposure length: 5 seconds...

Hey Ken –

Definitely appreciate you looking into it – I do, though, have the files in the folder like so – I think I just pulled 10sec as an example:

Ah, I think I may have found it. These are processed darks and exported as 32fp – I think that may be it – I’ll give it a try and see if it clears it up!

Actually, that is not the first problem, but it definitely would be a problem if they got past the issue I just corrected. They need to be saved as 16-bit unsigned.

The problem is with the precision of the exposure. Somewhere we changed auto focus exposure precision from integer to float. This now means that dark files must be named stuff like 5.0_dark… whatever.

So… since this seems unreasonable, I have “loosened” the matching tolerance. If you had (for some odd reason) an AF exposure of 7.5 seconds, SGPro would match darks starting with 7.0_, 8.0_, 7_ or 8_. This will be out in the next release.

Excellent, thanks Ken! Appreciate the diligence!