No ASCOM Chooser in the Main menu

I was trying to get to know the software this weekend. Unless I’m completely missing something, there’s no way for me to pick the camera. No ASCOM camera chooser at all. I can pick my Scope (via SiTech controller), guide camera QHY5II-L, color wheel (Xaqyl), focuser (Moonlite), etc. But no main camera. The software is in “Pro” mode for next 30+ days. Thank you for suggestions,

What is your main camera brand and model name? It’s likely that you will need to install ASCOM driver for your main camera. SGP will work natively with QSI, FLI and SBIG cameras but other cameras will likely need camera’s specific ASCOM driver. See page 33 or under “Control Panel/Equipment” of SGP manual .


It is ATIK 460exm. I have installed drivers for it, at least it works fine
in Nebulosity. Thought it is supported via ASCOM without any additional
drivers. Will check your suggestion tomorrow. Thanks, Ian.

You need the ASCOM driver for the Atik cameras. This should be includes as part of the Atik software but IIRC it’s an optional install.


Also the ASCOM drivers are enumerated in that list so you technically don’t need a chooser. However it should still be showing up for cameras. I’ll take a look.


I rerun the Atik software, there’s a way to just install the Ascom drivers
(I guess originally I installed simply “drivers”). Now I can see Atik among
cameras, no ASCOM chooser. Will test it later tonight.

If it does not work, I think you should install ALL Atik camera drivers because I think ASCOM driver may require native driver (low level driver).



I have used two Atik ccds with SGP for the last 18 months and both worked fine, so please persevere, it’s great software.

I simply installed all of the software on the Atik ccd and when SGP launched, chose ‘Atik camera’ (if I recall, away from my Obs pc at the moment) from the list in the sequence window.



This is true. The ASCOM driver is merely a layer between software like SGPro and the native driver. It does not replace it (I suppose it could, but I have never seen that happen…)