No color images

Hello all. I’m having issues with my images in SGP, all of my images are coming out in grey scale. I’m using a ZWO ASI 071mc cooled camera. I updated and ever since all of my images are grey. It was working fine before the update. When using another capture program I get color. Is there a setting that I’m overlooking. I’d appreciate any help.

SGPro does indeed capture full color images, but does not present them as color. The process of converting a grayscale color image into a color image is called debayering and is widely available in pretty much any image processing tool. SGPro does not debayer images because its sole purpose in life is to automate capture of data and having color images can actually make that process more difficult… it is often easier to see and stretch grayscale nebulosity which may be important when you are deciding how to frame a particular target.

Trouble is, after stacking data captured in SGP, the result is grey, no color. It’s the same on all three of my computers. Data from sharpcap comes out color.

Data captured with an OSC camera using SGP are Color Filter Array (CFA) data. The raw data have to be calibrated (with MasterDark and MasterFlat), debayered (this converts CFA to RGB data), registered and integrated. These preprocessing steps have to be executed in your image processing software.


Under the “camera” tab in the equipment profile manager there is a box for the Bayer pattern, maybe it got set to “none” some how and the stacking program thinks it is a mono image.