No Guider on Equipment Profile

I was talking with Lawrence and tried out what he is trying to do with ‘no guider’ and getting prompts for the ‘are you sure you want to do this’ message. Is it possible to change it so if you have ‘no guider’ selected it automatically disables all of the options on that pane? It doesn’t seem to be useful to have those options available if a guider isn’t there anyways.


I am not sure I like that idea… in fact, I think it used to be this way, but then another problem cropped up that was more serious than the one Lawrence has experienced. I’m not saying the user experience is perfect just this:

Having no guider selected and other guider required options selected at the same time is a contradiction. So what would happen is that somebody would think they were all set for guiding, but had forgotten to select a guider. SGPro then ignored all guiding stuff, but that was not what the user wanted… at all. So now when there is a contradiction, we just say you have to explicitly decide one way or the other.

The other issue with this (not as severe), but when the drop down has focus and the mouse wheel is accidentally moved, that could very likely clear all your carefully set guiding options.

Right now, I just prefer these things to be explicit… and with profiles, this pain only happens once.

One option though might just be a simple confirmation dialog when no guider is selected that can clear your options. Then of course, we would need to incur the work to do this for all devices in order to be consistent.