No image whileI using Frame and Focus

Camera: ZWOASI120MC Color sitting behind an Orion 120mm ED refractor.
I had everything setup and the mount tracking just fine. All the correct camera drivers installed for this camera and SGP connects to the camera. The problem is I cannot see any image on the screen so I can do Frame and Focus. I ran the focuser (manually) to both ends of travel and nothing. I took the camera off the refractor and put it on my guide scope, pointed it at a bright star and still no image. Camera works when I tested it in the house with the wide field lens that came with it and it worked.

I start the Frame and Focus set at 1x1 for 2 sec and nothing.

Am I missing something in my equipment setup file. My camera file said I had a connection but am I missing some step?

Any help is appreciated.

A two second Frame and Focus is probably not long enough. Try a 30 second at 2x2. Also, right click on the image and make sure you have one of the “stretch” options selected. If the downloaded image is not stretched, you probably won’t see anything.

There is also the possibility that the camera is so far out of focus that the star images are way too big to show up. If this is first light with this setup, it may be a challenge to find that first focus point.


im also going to be using my ZWO120MC for DSO, so this is good advice…

The 120mc is a planetary camera and a very good one.

You will find it very challenging to capture dso’s with.

Charlie, Thanks for the advice. I put the camera and scope on my bench until I finally saw an image and marked the focuser tube so I know where this cameras image starts showing on the display. Now I am just toying with the settins. BTW, 2x2 binning shows up best for the ASI120MC camera.