No looping in SGP but it works in NINA

I have SGP and my problem is that SGP dont have a looping function from last target back target 1 so another session could be done.
I tried to copy all targets so SGP would just go on from the last target but then I cant have the same target name on these :frowning:
So that means that I cant do a several hour exoplanet search on a session with 20 targets without having resume the session every time it have reached the last target.
I like SGP and have used it for a couple of years but if there is no looping function I have to change to NINA instead !
Please advice !
Timo Eric


Your best bet right now is using NINA for things like this. In the near-ish future SGPro will be overhauling its sequencing engine to be ultr-customizable, but, at this moment, is not ideal for “hunters”

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I second this capability. It would definitely be useful.


We won’t be adding sequencing functionality specifically for this scenario, but the result should be nearly the same in that creating a sequence for this use case will be fairly straightforward. Hope to share ideas soon, but, as of this moment, I would need to literally take pictures of various pages in my notebook and would be a general mess.