No offset when using ASI drivers?

Still learning to use the ASI driver instead of the native ZWO.

Putting a sequence together today and at sequence settings the gain was available but offset was noted as NA and greyed out?

ASCOM does not support camera offset. I don’t think there are any plans to implement it either as it seems to be the opinion of the committee that offset is not a setting that should be pushed onto the user, but rather handled internal to the camera.

But it can be adjusted in the ASCOM driver.

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It can be adjusted in the ASCOM driver, just not by the ASCOM driver. Meaning… The driver can do whatever it wants… It’s like “admin”, but it cannot expose those things to apps like SGPro (nor do I expect ASCOM to expose offset)

Please bribe the ASCOM writers to add offset, you’ll sell more SGP when you add more features, it’ll be worth it, besides, I have (2) ZWO cameras and really need that feature.

People have been whining about adding offset to ASCOM here for some time, years in fact.

I have pointed out that this is the wrong place to ask about adding a feature to the ASCOM protocol and that the place to ask is on the ASCOM forum.

People claim to understand ths, some even say that they will. But in reality NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ASKED ON THE ASCOM FORUM.

I see this partly as a test of people’s need for this. If they couldn’t even be bothered to ask then they didn’t really need it.

My personal feeling is that you don’t need it as an ASCOM property. A properly set up camera does not need user control over offset. It is also easy to set the camera incorrectly. In particular constantly modifying gain and offset, almost on an image by image basis, will become a nightmare because every combination of gain and offset will need different calibration images.

Providing offset in an ASCOM driver through the driver setup dialog should be all that’s needed.