No Roaches, just a tiny Gnat

I ran 12 again all night last night, have not installed 13 yet. I had no issues whatever of any kind.


I did see in issue that has been present for some time, it was there in 2.3. It is not a functional issue since it does not interfere in any way with getting images. I don’t recall if I or anyone else has mentioned it.

Sometimes when something major has happened (focus, flip, etc.) the program closes the control panel, sequence window, and big status that I had displayed. Maybe this is a feature? It seems to be kinda random, however.

No big deal, a rather low priority item, but figured I would mention it.

Yes, this is expected behavior. Whenever an automated event happens (Auto Focus, Auto Center, etc) the Control Panel, Main Form and Big Status window are all closed so there can be no user interaction. After the event is complete they should be restored to their previous status.


OK, then that is the issue. They stay closed sometimes. No big deal, just odd.

Are you noticing this with any particular type of event? Like it always happens when AF runs?


Definitely not with all autofocus runs. It does happen with flips but not all, as I recall. It seems kinda random. I will try to notice and make note when it happens again. I suspect others have seen it but have not bothered to mention it as all you need to do is reopen the dialogs.