Non-linear stretching of images

Hi! It would be great to be able to change the gray point of the current image shown in SGP. Only being able to change the black and white points makes seeing very dim objects difficult. I often have to open images in PixInsight in the field to be able to make out the target better and assess the framing etc. This has always bugged me in MaximDL, and implementing this in SGP would be a great competitive advantage.


Thanks for your feedback. I am not sure how competitive an advantage this would provide. While I understand the need to get to this level of detail eventually, I am not exactly sure of its place in a capture program. With the current implementation, you can certainly ensure that position and focus are valid. Beyond those two parameters, in terms of capturing quality images, there is not much more SGPro can help with…

Archiving for now. Thanks for your feedback.