Not able to migrate equip profiles into new computer

I have had no luck doing this and it should not be this difficult. I dragged all my sgp profiles onto a usb flash and on the new laptop I open up SGP, options, and I migrate the eqip [profiles but they are not showing up.

There must be a way to transfer equip profiles from one computer to another?

As a workaround I transferred my sequences from the flash drive, opened them up, and saved them as profiles. But the migration thang never worked for me.

I’ve copied profiles a couple of times and it seems to have worked OK for me - the default profile directory is:
C:\Users"Username"\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Sequence Generator Pro

You want to copy the .sgp and .sgu files and then put them in the same location on the new computer - make sure that the location is set to the default too I guess… that’s found under Tools\Options.

I’ve never tried the Sequence and Profile Migration Tool.