Not Conforming to FITS Standard


FITS Liberator reports that the file does not meet FITS standard:

SIMPLE = T / file does conform to FITS standard

Is this common with images captured through SGP? Is there a reason why it does not meet FITS standard and should there be a worry about it?



Interesting. My FITS files from SGP have that keyword right at the start and FITS liberator doesn’t report an error. I use FITS liberator all the time mainly to look at the header. What does the rest of your header look like? Anything weird there?


Hey, actually it looks like it says that it “does” conform to FITS standard. I was misreading it.

That’s the keyword. But why did you get a notification? I never do.


As I said, this is what FITS Liberator reports in the Header information.

I was curious about the content of the header information and was looking there for other things when I noticed the one that I misread as not meeting FITS standard.

Sorry, I misunderstood. Thought you had a problem. That is definitely normal.