Notification of automated meridian flip


I know that when creating a sequence, it’s possible to call a script to do whatever’s needed.
However, I haven’t found a way to call a script at the start or the end of an automated meridian flip.

What I would like to be able to do is either bring up a modal dialog box that will require the user to press OK or call a script (that would send a mail and wait for user input).

I would like this functionality so that the sequence is paused after an automated flip in order to adjust the counter-weights and make them east-side heavy again.

Is that possible in the current release and have I just missed it?
Either way, please let me know as I’ll log an enhancement request if appropriate


SGP already has the ability to pause after the meridian flip. You just need to set the option to pause before or after auto center:

As for the notification this does not exist. However you could create a script that connects to the telescope and sends you a notification whenever the telescope.SideOfPier changes from West to East. That script doesn’t need to run within SGP.


Actually, for the notification, you will need to wait for SGPro 2.4. The notification add on will provide the ability to send an email whenever SGPro is waiting on your input (including when this option is used). The notification addon will be sold for $19 US.