Notification option to ignore recovery mode

I use SGP with GNS to wake me up when there’s a problem. I then log into my observatory with TemaViewer to see what the problem is. This is great except usually that problem is simply clouds, which causes SGP to go into recovery mode. Great, I can go back to sleep and let SGP handle things, right? No. The GNS alarm continues to go off as long as SGP is telling GNS there’s an error. So if I want to go back to sleep, I have to disable GNS on my phone, which means I no longer get notified of a problem.

If I’m relying on SGP to handle recoveries, I should be able to set an option in the notification settings to NOT consider recovery mode an error condition. Or perhaps a dialog comes up that states the error condition that caused the recovery mode, and lets me click a button to stop error notifications until recovery mode has either succeeded, or timed out. I usually set it for 2 hours of trying. If it didn’t succeed after that time, then I want to be notified.


Perfect description of this issue with GNS and SGP in recovery mode. Thanks Dan!

Fully agree with your proposed solution and would very much like to see this in SGP. Integration of GNS on every step in an SGP sequence is one of the main reasons for me to prefer SGP over other applications. It is important then that SGP can also stop triggering alarms in GNS if not really required. Such during recovery mode.

It would also be very welcome if SGP can stop launching the older version of GNS that is included with the SGP distribution. Instead SGP should simply connect with an already running instance of GNS or allow for installation of the newer GNS version and launch that one when required. SGP equipment profile could include a reference to the location of GNS, just as it does for platesolving applications.