Notifications rejected by cell carrier SMTP relay

First I would like to say what an awesome tool that you guys have created with SG Pro. Now I don’t have to stay awake all night while my astro rig does the work of acquiring and photographing images.

I like the notifications system so I can periodically check the progress of the sequencing session. From time to time I will not get notifications but the test message works. I created a gmail account that sends the notification to tmomail as a SMTP so it shows up on my cell phone. Upon doing some research it looks like T- mobile’s SMTP relay has added improved spam filtering this year. I have found several other complaints regarding T- mobile’s rejection of their particular SMTP messaging applications.

Apparently some of the content of the status messages is being misconstrued as spam traffic (@#%& spammers) and “permantly rejected”. I know that this is T’mobile’s issue and I don’t really expect them to change it.

I wonder if there is a way to format the status messages to stop resembling malicious hyperlinks or something similar. I do see the fits filenames processed in my text message stream to be hyperlinks…when you click them they land on T- mobile’s web site with “content not found”.

I know it’s not MSS’ s problem and most of the time notifications work. But I have to ask if there is a work- around for this little glitch.

Otherwise I couldn’t be happier with the software…kudos for this sequencing concept!

I’d like to add that my most recent notifications have worked perfectly. Perhaps my mobile carrier has learned that sgpro notifications are not spam…I can only hope. If others experince this kind of problem I hope that my small input helps put the situation in context. Best regards…