Observatory control concerns

I normally image with the observatory slave options enabled, with SGP only activating my roll off roof if the mount is first parked.

I tried out the observatory close roof button, with my mount off park (but safe :slight_smile: ) and it proceeded to try and close the roof. In my case my own observatory roof controller has a fail safe that prevents the roof moving.

Would it make sense to have roof open and close commands tie up with the slave settings (as set) and behave in the same way?

I think it’s fair to place a warning if SGPro detects a slaved configuration, but this is actually “the reverse” of that option. The telescope is not slaved to the observatory. These button allow you to operate one without the other… when the telescope is asked to perform an action and the observatory is slaved, it will perform corresponding actions.

that is a good compromise Ken - we can choose from one of Microsoft’s - ‘are you really sure?’ dialogs.

I’m painting my observatory orange so that I don’t forget which icon is which :slight_smile: